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My Hobby - Metal Detecting

Hello and thanks for stopping by my website. I started metal detecting in Feb of 2013. After doing quit a bit of research. Which detector to buy, what features do I want, how much do I spend. I’ve found the best way to start is to buy a low cost detector and then upgrade to a better unit after you figure out if you really like the hobby. If not you can still get out of it without spending too much. I bought lower end unit as a starter unit, although it was better than your basic starter units, it was a good unit with the two key issues covered, resalable and warranty transfer unit. I searched the internet for detector information, I created a spread sheet with unit features and prices.There's a lot of information to take in, why couldn't someone just point to it and you have what you need. Well it does take lots more than that. I soon learned it's not as easy as it looks. For my first detector I bought a Garrett Ace350, my second detector was/is a Garrett AT Pro and my third detector is a Minelab CTX3030 (the final upgrade - for now) You need to do your research, figure out what your detector will be used for (type of hunting dirt or water), and what your budget is for the kind of hunting you will be doing.
I started this page to share my knowledge of metal detecting from what I have learned. To share with others that may want to start this fun and rewarding hobby (I can say it's been both for me, at the same time, this hobby is really not for everyone, some will like and others will not.). I think one of the best parts for me has been sharing what I've learned with others. The thrill of digging up that signal under the coil, not knowing what it is going to be and what's uncovered from the ground or from the sand is amazing. What an awesome feeling it is and continues to be each and every treasure hunt I go out on. Check my information tabs and check out information I wanted to share with others. This hobby is for fun and the satisfaction of being out their looking for that ultimate treasure is part of the hunt. You may never become rich at it, but if you do i’m sure you’ll be a happy camper.

"What a great Hobby"

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!!!


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